The Foundation Cavalsassi was founded by Giuseppe, Teresa and Francesco Cavalsassi for needy children of poor, indigent families as a testimony to the values of Catholic education.
In 1930 the Foundation was declared a non-profit corporation by Royal Decree and numbered, for the importance of its original mission and constitution, as a public welfare and assistance institution.
Over the years the Foundation assisted people stricken by poverty with particular attention to orphans, children of disabled veterans, children of very large families and, not least, immigrants, intervening effectively on their problems of marginalization and social isolation.
Today, through its educational work and school, the Foundation still strives to support families and empower children through several primary prevention projects implemented through research-action and the application of innovative training programs focused on the themes of solidarity, experimentation of intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.

“Pursuant to and for the purpose of the obligations of transparency and publicity and pursuant to the Law of 4 August 2017, nr 124 – article 1, paragraph 125-129, the detail of the public contributions that the Foundation receives as a qualified institution can be consulted by clicking here:

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