Meal time in school is an important educational experience where a child “learns” about food by experiencing the diverse flavors found in nature. It is necessary for the children to acquire a taste for healthy foods by using “basic natural” ingredients when cooking their meals. They also learn the importance of selection and the care needed in the transformation of these products when they are cooked into delicious meals.
Our school menu, with this conviction, offers all natural foods that are cooked on the premises from soups to ravioli made from sunflower seeds, to rice with squid, to chicken with apples, to sweet or salty snacks and ice-cream for break time.
All food used, including fish, meat and vegetables, are fresh and certified as organic food. The menu is supervised by a medical doctor specialized in nutrition and it varies according to seasonal products and production cycles of nature. The menu is modified and changed according to the likes and dislikes of the children being careful to maintain the nutritional balance of each meal.
From the school year 2014/15 the school has introduced tableware that is biodegradable and created from bamboo fibers. This natural material is both socially and ecologically responsible because it is a renewable earth resource. Through this ecological project we continue in our work to raise environmental awareness in our students and families and to teach our children to respect the habitat of the earth and to protect its ecosystem.

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