“We cannot disregard the pedagogical fundamentals and psychological implications that have guided our school in the educational practices of the past and, subsequently, of the modern practices of the present.
Starting from these precious contributions that have become universal, it has been possible for me to conceptually develop educational activities that meet both the formative instructional needs of children and the preparation necessary for today’s ever changing world.
I believe that careful attention of the complex educational challenges of today must begin with the needs of the child in his/her own “subjectivity”. This can be done through the value that the educator gives to every day actions that promote significance of meaning and affective factors.
In the varied tasks of development, the acquisition of children’s experiences run side by side with the elaboration of emotions, thoughts, intentions, comparisons of the child’s self with others and with the experimentation of intersubjectivity and the world.
The multiple languages of expression, from that of linguistic and metaphoric to aesthetic and artistic, must find fertile conditions for growth in the classroom, creating real life “learning environments” that develop sensory experiences, imagination and knowledge through the power of though.”

Dr. Elena Pascale

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