In developing music skills we aim to strengthen cognitive, emotional and relational abilities in each child. Our music program, inserted to enrich the curriculum, is central to the pupils’ school experience because through its interdisciplinary quality, it allows children to acquire a wealth of transversal sensibilities that can be cultivated immediately in listening, reflexivity, concentration, psychomotor coordination and creativity.

Following the methodologies of our educational model, starting in the Early Childhood classes and through our propaedeutics music workshops, the  three and four year old children are an active part in creating the sound image by listening to and experimenting with the sounds of nature.

The creation and production of rhythms and small melodies, and a first approach to musical instruments for the four / five year old age group, allow all children to experience the joyful expression of  singing, as  it accompanies the everyday life of the school day.

In the Primary School there is the expansion of the music curriculum. The specific objectives of the discipline are developed in the instrument workshop and in music theory lessons. Individualized activities and small groups classes are conducted by accredited professional musicians. The children are introduced to various instruments: violin, piano and cello in the first two years. In the following three years they concentrate on one of the three instruments which is chosen for them taking into account the natural inclinations and preferences of the students. They develop, in this way, the necessary instrumental skills and understand that multi-instrumentality is an expressive enrichment. This also allows for the acquisition  of perceiving melody as part of a harmonious development created with “music partners”, with whom they can relate to in music ensembles, activating mutual listening skills in respect of others, in collaborating to create a sound product, and learning responsibility.



“Every child houses and narrates the sky”. Don Carlo Lazzari

I immerse myself in my thoughts and create the world.

I love the language of play.

What is my imagination made of?

The garden, for us, is also a classroom.

The taste of natural food goes beyond the pot.

Children make noise … what if it were music?

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