In developing bilingual skills, we aim to achieve important communication goals in a second language, allowing children to acquire greater metacognitive awareness in metacommunicative mastery, as well as the ability to manage intercultural interactions while fostering prosocial skills.
Our bilingual program, Italian / English, promotes the experimentation of an ever wider linguistic repertoires, thanks to the active and diversified learning environments of the different workshops and classroom activities, through an interdisciplinary approach. The expansion of the English language program, in the gradualness of the experiences and learning needs of each age group, starting in the Early Childhood School up to the conclusion of the Primary School.
The objectives of the English curriculum follow the paths and methodologies of our educational model: workshop activities and the exposure of the language to the three / four year old age group, conducted by a team of mother-tongue English and Italian teachers. The four / five year old age group of children are also organized in groups, in classroom activities with mother tongue English teachers. The Primary School children begin learning to read and write in the target language and through the CLIL method, study some subjects directly in English. There are more workshop activities with the application of new technologies with linguistic content and the development of computational thinking and creativity with the use of personalized materials.

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